can everyone go and vote for this video? it’s for a friend and if she wins, she gets a car!
    cool right? she also made the best video there so she deserves to win, everyone has just had their videos up much longer :( so please, be nice people! share and reblog too :)

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  2. So i was in our bar tonight watching game 4, and this dude was wearing a Ross “The Boss” Rhea tee. I asked his friend where he got it as he walked by. He explained that they had a promo event (he obviously works there) for the dvd release, and said he’d be back in 1 minute. I now have a Ross “The Boss” Rhea shirt! I love Goon

  3. This is poutine. A native favourite. It consists of potato, gravy, and cheese curd. It’s so good!

  4. My boy maxim “Murphy” lapierre (Taken with instagram)

  5. davenonuts:


  6. davenonuts:

    canucks obv

  7. This dude was so good last night, in the worst way. Hopefully he gets fucked in game 3


  8. hockeyheaven:

    I love when players take the chance to make a fan’s day, especially when it’s a child.  Way to be, making a memory a kid will never forget.  And I’m sure all these NHLers were there once themselves.  Absolutely love it.

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